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Rajvir Sarai

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as a direct lender, we can bypass all the red tape, giving you control of the process. that means you can take it as fast or slow as you like!


you'll know exactly how much home you can afford, and precisely what you'll be paying every month.


we're committed to getting you a great rate, unbeatable terms and an overall lending experience that's second to none!

Steps of Loan Process Steps of Loan Process

*A Snap Buyer Approval is based on a preliminary review of your loan application, credit report, income, assets, and automated underwriting decision. It is not a commitment to lend. We can offer a loan commitment upon verification of all applicable information, satisfaction of underwriting requirements, an acceptable property appraisal and title report.
*A Pre-Approval is an underwriting commitment that is subject to applicable conditions, an acceptable appraisal and a title report.